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Age: lost count...
                                                                    Family: None all dead.
                                                              Boyfriend or crush: Sesshomaru.
                          Human or demon: Witch of night your powers allow you to control thr night creatures and the night itself.

Past/ how you met Sesshomaru: You never knew your parents and you grew up hating them for it, for all you know they could have been horrible people or the most lovingly  of people. But it stopped mattering to you when you were 18 and realized theres no point in being sad about it when it could have been anyones fault there dead. So you became mad at the world and most people in it. One day you were on your way after a battle with Inuyasha when you saw a river to clean your cuts. While tending to your wounds you saw a shadow cast over you, you turned around to see Lord Sesshomaru standing there smirking "so you almost beat my brother?" he said sitting besid eyou on the rock. "Yes..what of it?" you said not letting down your guard "well I know how you can win" he said coily "how so..?" you said slowly "get to what he loves the most" he whispered in your ear. Your eyes widened as you thought of the girl Angel (another result.) ``I don`t need nor want help from a man like you! you said getting off the rock and walking away slowly, he stopped you in your tracts ``you may not know me Fae...but I know you`` he whispered into your ears while placing his hands on your arms and sliding them down to your hands.  You shook him off then turned to face him again `why must you be like this, nuturl to everyone yet show me emotion`` you asked looking deeply into his eyes as he was now doing to you ``because no one gets me like you``he explained. Your heart skipped a beat but you tried to ignore that. You heard Rin and Jaken calling for Sesshomaru in the distance he stopped smiling ``stay in touch`` he said the way he said it you could tell it was not a demaned not a qeustion. You smirked as he kissed your hand but you did not show it to him, ``why should I have to show him my feelings when he has been stalking me....`` you muttered after he left but you thought I`` hope I see him again.``

                                                                                              **What they think of you**
Kagome: I talked to her she can be nice to people she just hates the world becasuse of the life shes had...
Miroku: I asked her to bare my child, and she almost cut of my arm.....:(
Shippo: She
Sango: Oh my gosh not her, she almost cut my head off in battle 18 times!
Naraku: I think I know her, she is a nice girl, very rough and sexy ;) -Sesshomaru glares at him.-
Rin: I love her! she is so nice to me almost like a mommy. :)
Jaken: Me Lord can not get her out of his head, I think he is in love with her (Rin: No duhhh Master. Jaken)
Koga: I can not say what I was going to say Sesshomaru would kill me....
Sesshomaru: I have seen her in my dreams, she is everything I want and need. I love her and I never thought I could feel emotion towards anyone but I feel it towards her. If I can not have her then I will have no one ever! I would rather end my life than be without her!

You travle with Sesshomaru for months and with each day you are more attracted to him. One summers night when Rin and Jaken were sleeping and you were sitting near the river bank you heard footsteps. Turning around you saw Sesshomaru standing there looking down to you in a loving gaze. ``How are you.....`` you asked slowly as you put your feet into the water while meeting his gaze. ``I would like to tell and ask you something`` he said grabbing you by the hand which made you get to your feet ``what now Sesshomaru`` you said in a sigh studdying his eyes. `` dear I can not live without you will you marry me`` his voice was serious and loving and his eyes were even more loving. `` Yes`` you said in shock ``yes, of corse I will marry you`` yous said hugging him. He slid the ring onto your finger and kissed you, your heart was beating fast and then slow. 5 months later you and Sesshomaru got married Kagome was the maid of honor (because she and you have become friends over the few months), Inuyasha was the best man (because Sesshomaru was at his) and Miroku married you two. Sesshomaru and you adopted Rin only to find out that your pregnant a month later. You give birth two twin boys whom you name Aaron and Sam.
Fae Of The Darkness! LIKE IT!
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